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   How CORADIS works

 CORADIS is a full Scale Linux based Industrial embedded Web- and Database Server with a web interface. CORADIS collects data from manufacturing equipment (PLCs, Scales, Tourque Meters, Analyzers, Measuring Equipment, Facility Management...) into its Database, accessable by any Web-Browser through the Intranet or Internet.

CORADIS generates PDF Reports, XML, Excel files and more from machine data. This reports can be easily downloaded through its web-interface.
With CORADIS built in router, Industrial Ethernet can be routed to a local network, Intranet or the Internet for remote access.
 CORADIS connects with most common PLCs (Alan Bradley SLC500 Series, Control-Logix, Micro-Logix, Siemens S7 series, BACnet, LON, Echelon, Tridium / niagara, Trane BCUs and more...) through Ethernet, Profi-Bus, BACnet, RS485, oBIX ... and a lot more other devices (Scales, Tourque Meters, Analyzers, Gages...) through RS232 Serial Ports and provides a convenient Web-Interface for setup, administration and operation.

Actual PDF Data Report, dynamically generated by CORADIS:


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