Welcome to CORADIS! Your Industry 4.0 IoT Solution
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   Welcome to CORADIS!

Your Industry 4.0 IoT Solution

 Wiring machines, devices and equipment to the Web - "equipping them with e-mail, Text-message and PDF capability and also enabling them to interact with remote operators through their own Web pages or Smart-phone Apps is a natural step for the industry to take in exploiting its communications potential"

We deliver the platform and custom build web-interfaces for IoT, machines, electronic devices, home automation, multimedia, building monitoring, facilities management and more...

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 CORADIS is an Embedded Webserver Platform, specially made to connect with control automation equipment, PLCs, appliances, buildings automation, HVAC equipment, IoT devices and machines to provide Internet/Intranet Web Access.

CORADIS dynamically generates PDF reports, collects data into its build in Database, exports Excel files, sends reports via e-Mail and more. All accessible through an intuitive and user friendly, convenient Web-Interface!