Aug. 2018 Development of a new Predictive Maintenance Edge Computing Platform, based on CORADIS. For a leading Spinning technology company.

Feb. 2017 Implementing CORADIS IoT Solution für city wast glass container fill status and smart routing.

Jan. 2013 - added Rasperry Pi running CORADIS framework.

Jun. 2012 - added Ubuntu Server as alternative CORADIS framework OS

Nov. 2009 - added OMRON PLC driver to CORADIS.

Oct. 2008 - iGoogle Gadgets RSS feed implementation. Watch CORADIS Machine data in iGoogle.

Jan. 2007 - CORADIS platform ported to eBox embedded slim client.

Sept. 2006 - Allen Bradley ControlLogix Ethernet/IP connectivity implemented.

Feb. 2006. - Allen Bradley SLC5/05 open source drivers implemented. CORADIS now interacts with the Allen Bradley SLC500 series.

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 Change content on CORADIS workstations and on PDF documents.

New PLC connectivity. CORADIS now connects to Allan Bradlay PLC5/05 and ControlLogix PLCs providing a web interface, database connectivity and dynamic PDF Report generation of PLC data.