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  • Embedded Hardware example: Geode Processor 400MHz, 256MB RAM, 2GB Flash Disk. 2 Ethernet Ports, USB, RS232. (Optional: 802.11 Wireless) Fanless

  • Operating System: Based on Debian Linux.

  • Administration: Webmin, SSH, Telnet, FTP.

  • Network: Webinterface, Samba Server (Windows Network), NFS.

  • Max Serial Data Sampling Speed: 19200 baud RS232/RS485. (10 Datasets / sec with a dual port 12 Bit A/D Data Aquisition System)

  • Copyright (c) 2018 Light Art Vision. All rights reserved.
 CORADIS features a full scaled Open Source Linux Enterprise platform with all common services and servers installed including: Apache Web Server (SSL), MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin, Webmin, SSH, Samba, FTP, Linux Firewall and more.

Currently supported platforms/protocols:

  • Allan Bradley SLC500

  • Allan Bradley Control Logix

  • Siemens S7

  • OMRON Compact PLC Series

  • Tridium niagara

  • Trane BCUs

  • Honeywell HVAC controllers

  • oBIX (beta)

  • BACnet